JCC Showcase – Planning Committee

Doctors of BC Representatives

Dr. Andrew Attwell
Medical Oncologist
Doctors of BC Representative to Specialist Services Committee

Dr. Kenneth Hughes
Orthopedic Surgeon
Specialist Representative to Shared Care Committee

Dr. George Watson
Family Physician
Doctors of BC Representative to General Practice Services Committee, Shared Care Committee & Society of General Practitioners

Katie Hill
Executive Lead: Shared Care Committee
Doctors of BC

Aman Hundal
Initiatives Lead: Specialist Services Committee
Doctors of BC

Sue Davis
Lead, Organizational Development and Learning, Provincial Division Office
Doctors of BC

Jeff Malmgren
Lead, Strategic Initiatives, A GP for Me
Doctors of BC

Kile Brokop
Project Analyst: Evaluation: Joint Clinical Committee
Doctors of BC

Ann MacDonald
Senior Communications Manager – Strategic Planning
Doctors of BC

Lisa Despins
Communications Officer
Doctors of BC

Helen Le Fleming
Event Coordinator
Doctors of BC

BC Patient Safety & Quality Council Representatives

Christina Krause
Executive Director
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Andrew Wray
Director, Learning & Strategic Initiatives
BC Patient Safety Quality Council

Chelsea Hochfilzer
Project Coordinator
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Patient Representative
Iris Kisch
Patient Voices Network