Have Some Extra Fun

And meet new people along the way!

Step Challenge

Between the sessions, plenaries, and meals, we spend a lot of time sitting at the Quality Forum. If you want a little healthy motivation to get moving, take part in our step challenge! Participating is easy: just track your steps on Thursday, March 2 (from midnight to 11:59PM) using a pedometer, a smartphone app, or your FitBit. Grab a form from our registration desk on the morning of March 3 and tell us your total. The participant with the most steps takes home a prize!

Quality Quest 2017!

We introduced the attendees of last year’s Forum to GooseChase through our first-ever Quality Quest, and they had so much fun that we’re doing it again! GooseChase is a smartphone game that asks participants to create teams and accomplish photo-based challenges (like a scavenger hunt!).

The challenges will get you moving (there are landmarks to photograph) and chatting with your fellow participants, in person and online! If you’re looking for a fun way to meet people, stretch your legs, and potentially win a cool prize, rally a team together for Quality Quest! Stay tuned for more details on how to play.

Randomized Coffee Trials

You’ll have lots of opportunities to make connections and meet new people during the Forum’s main two days, but sometimes it helps to have a friendly introduction to start things off! Sign up for our Randomized Coffee Trials and we’ll pair you up with another Forum participant. Randomized Coffee Trials (RCTs) have been used in many organizations to build relationships and provide opportunities to connect and collaborate, by pairing participants at random and asking them to schedule a 30-minute timeslot to get together and talk about whatever they like.

If you are looking for a lunch buddy, a walking partner, or just to grab a quick coffee and get inspired by a fellow participant’s work – sign up for an RCT! All you have to do is tick the box when you register for the Forum (or email us, and we’ll sign you up!).