Patient Partners

We believe that patient engagement is a key facet to health care improvement and always aim to keep the patient perspective at the heart of our work. Patients, families and caregivers are experts in their own experiences and are valuable partners when it comes to improving our health care system. For this reason, we work to incorporate the patient voice in everything from our learning programs to our provincial initiatives, and aim to support patient partners by helping them to build capability and capacity wherever possible.

We involve patient partners in Quality Forum from the very first day of planning through our steering committee. We also sponsor patient partners to attend the Quality Forum, actively invite them to submit abstracts either independently or as engaged patient partners with health care organizations and facilitate access for virtual participants with free streaming video wherever possible. We strongly encourage other organizations to support patient partners to attend the Quality Forum.

We are proud to say that Quality Forum 2020 is a Patients Included event.

Quality Forum Patient Partners Quality Forum Patient Partners

Patient Partners in Planning

Patient partners play an important role in the planning and execution of the Quality Forum, and we’re pleased to include two patient partners on our 2020 steering committee. Bruce Raber and Allison Kooijman are both PVN Patient Partners who have been working alongside a wide range of stakeholder from across BC to help guide event content, flow and overall participant experience.

Patient Partner Registration

We provide 20 full bursaries to patient partners who wish to attend the main two days of programming. This opportunity will be offered through PVN in the early fall.

PVN is a network of volunteers working to improve the health care system that is guided by patient partners and administered by the Council. If you are not currently a PVN Patient Partner but are interested in engagement opportunities supported by the Network, sign up here or contact your local engagement leader.

Patient Partner Presentations

Patient partners are invited to submit abstracts for rapid fire presentations and storyboards.

We encourage our health care partners to sponsor and support the attendance of patient partners who have been engaged in their work. If you are a patient partner who has worked on a project with a health care partner, we suggest that you submit an abstract together. Independent patient partners* who apply and are accepted for rapid fire presentations through our Call for Abstracts are eligible for BC Patient Safety & Quality Council sponsorship through the Patient Voices Network.

*Note: This refers to patient partners who submit abstracts related to work that has been done independently, rather than in partnership with a health care organization.

Patient Partners who attend the Forum are also often invited to moderate sessions throughout the event.

VirtualĀ Attendance

Patient partners who are not able to attend the Quality Forum in person are invited to watch live or recorded broadcasts of the event, take part in online discussions around the content of the presentations and continue their learning through our many presentations and storyboard files, which are made available whenever possible.