Field Trips

Preparing for the Unexpected

This field trip is being offered at two different time slots (1000-1230 or 1430-1650), choose the one that fits your day the best.

The Port of Vancouver is the most diversified port in North America and the largest in the country, facilitating nearly one in every five dollars of trade in goods that flow through Canada. It is responsible for keeping goods and passengers moving safely, securely and efficiently 24/7, all while protecting the environment and considering local communities. With such a broad and significant public mandate, what happens when things don’t go according to plan? Or even worse, when disaster strikes?

You are invited to learn about how the Port of Vancouver lays the plans, educates staff, and ensures the appropriate logistical and communication channels are in place to respond when the unexpected takes place. But the best preparation does not happen in isolation! As the coordination hub, they collaborate with first-responders and external partners at all levels of planning and executing emergency response. Let’s look to borrow aspects of their rationale and approach in our own health care settings!

Please note that this session will involve walking round-trip from the hotel (approximately 15 minutes each way) and touring around the facility. We will also embark on an optional 45-minute boat tour of the harbour – weather permitting! If you have accessibility concerns, please get in touch with us.

Duncan Webb
Manager, Safety & Emergency Management, Port of Vancouver

Cindy Jeromin
Safety & Emergency Management Specialist, Port of Vancouver

Behind the Scenes with the Hyatt

Hospitality is a 24/7 industry that requires respect, empathy, preparation, and responsiveness. Sound familiar?

The Hyatt Regency is recognized as a leader in hospitality excellence. During the Quality Forum this is put to the test as the hotel welcomes nearly 1000 people on Thursday and Friday, while simultaneously meeting the needs of other hotel guests staying in its 644 rooms. In this field trip, learn how individual team members (some of whom have been with the Hyatt for over 25 years!) work together to deliver exceptional experiences to thousands of guests and visitors each day, and find out what happens “backstage” to facilitate seamless, coordinated customer service throughout surges in demand.

Shawn Phillips
Sales Manager, Hyatt Regency Vancouver

Tel-Us About Your Innovative Design Processes

How do you develop what the future will look like? How do you address gaps, and even identify them in the first place?

As one of Canada’s top telecommunications companies, TELUS is known for being a leader in using innovative solutions to improve the functioning of environments, systems and communities. Join us for a tour of the new TELUS Innovation Centre to learn about the principles that drive their work. Hear first-hand how emerging technologies and design solutions on display came to fruition, and spend some time thinking about how the company’s fundamental approaches may be harnessed to drive meaningful improvement in your own setting.

Please note that this session will involve walking round-trip between the Hyatt Regency and the TELUS Garden (approximately 10 minutes each way) as well as touring around their Innovation Centre. If you have accessibility concerns, please get in touch with us.

telusinnovationcentrergbBehdad Jamshidi
Innovation Centre Manager, Chief Technology Office, TELUS

Kathryn Seeley
Director, Business Development, Healthcare Transformation, TELUS