Steven Lewis

President | Access Consulting Ltd.

Steven Lewis is a Canadian health policy and health services research consultant, and Adjunct Professor of Health Policy at Simon Fraser University. He thinks, reads, writes and occasionally teaches about health and public policy, and has an abiding fascination for what accounts for individual values and choices, and what makes systems work effectively.

Prior to resuming a full-time consulting practice, he headed a health research granting agency and spent seven years as CEO of the Health Services Utilization and Research Commission in Saskatchewan. He served on the National Forum on Health, the Governing Council of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Saskatchewan Health Quality Council, and the Health Council of Canada. He is on the editorial board of several health journals. He writes and speaks frequently on topics such as the politics of health care, quality improvement, professional regulation, and equity in health and health care.

Steven recently moved to Melbourne, Australia for a three-year adventure with his partner, who got a job offer she couldn’t refuse. He continues to do consulting work in Canada and writes regular columns for The Age, a major daily newspaper in Melbourne.