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Quality Academy Graduate Workshop

About The Quality Academy

The BCPSQC Quality Academy is a professional development program delivered over a six month period, with the next cohort starting in April 2012.

Participants in the program will attend five in-person residency sessions and will work on a quality project within their organization. Participants will receive support during the program through webinars and one-to-one support from an assigned Faculty Mentor in addition to access to expert faculty during the program.

The next session of the Quality Academy (Cohort 4) will run from April 2012- September 2012.

Click here for more information on how to apply. Quality Academy Cohort 4 is now full. Quality Academy Cohort 5 will start in October 2012 with registration coming soon!

Click here to download the brochure!

Quality Academy Graduate Workshop

This session will bring together past cohorts of the Quality Academy professional development program for a day of learning, sharing and networking.

The workshop will deliver of a review of key quality improvement concepts and additional content building on the Quality Academy curriculum. In addition, workshop participants will have the opportunity to network with fellow improvement leaders while sharing progress and lessons learned in improving health care.


Quality Academy Graduate Workshop Agenda

0730 – 0830 Registration & Breakfast   
0830 – 0940 Speed Networking:  The Power of Learning Through Sharing
They say the wisdom is always in the room. Since finishing the Quality Academy, you’ve had the opportunity to further apply your learning into your work.  This session will focus on sharing your experiences and learning from each other.
Katie Procter
Quality Leader
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council
0945 – 1045  Social Media Camp: Panel Discussion: How Social Media and Technology can Transform Healthcare
Want to better understand how to leverage social media for your work and to support your efforts to improve health care?  This panel will provide an opportunity to dive deep into the stories of different applications of social media in health care.
Katherine Dodds
Founder & Creative Director
Hello Cool World

Pat Rich
Director & Editor-in-Chief Online
Canadian Medial Association

Pamela Fayerman
Health Reporter, Vancouver Sun

1045 – 1115 Break  
1115 – 1215 Spread and Sustainability:  What Does It Really Mean?  
A recent WIHI discussion involving Don Berwick exploring the relationship of cost and quality, dove into the issue of whether starting small and spreading is sufficient; new thinking on the meaning of spread is evolving.  This session will use this WIHI as a springboard for debate on what spread should involve to achieve sustainable health care.
Christina Krause
Executive Director
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council
1215 – 1315 Lunch  
1315 – 1430 Organizational Energy
Evidence shows a strong relationship between the quality and intensity of organizational energy and level of performance. This session will explore how we as leaders can measure and foster positive organizational energy to achieve desired goals.
Andrew Wray
Quality Leader
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council
1430 – 1500 Break  
1500 – 1600  Projects, Prioritization and Politics
When looking at improvement opportunities there are many that could be of value at any given time. How do you advocate for a project and navigate competing priorities?  How do you frame the importance to key stakeholders?  This interactive session will explore strategies for addressing these questions.
Linda Dempster
Executive Director, Quality and Patient Safety
Vancouver Coast Health
1600 – 1630  Back to the Future
Looking back since your time in the Quality Academy, what were the most useful tools that helped you to achieve your aims? What has surprised you most about improvement work, and if you were to advise others beginning on the improvement journey, what words of wisdom would you give them?  This session will provide us with an opportunity to reflect on the day, the time since finishing the program and to discuss opportunities for continued networking into the future.
Heidi Johns
Quality Leader
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Speaker Bios

  Heidi Johns
Quality Leader
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Heidi is a Quality Leader with BCPSQC and is supporting the congestive heart failure strategy for Clinical Care Management (CCM). She is also involved with the integration, quality coaching, and mentoring at Northern Health with the Quality and Innovation Department.

Heidi has more than 12 years’ experience in health care, much of it working in vocational rehab for Mental Addiction Services at Northern Health. More recently, Heidi has been working coaching primary care integration and quality improvement as well as participating in the development of techniques that involves the spread of quality improvement concepts and tools to point of care providers. In addition Heidi is passionate about discovering ways to meaningfully engage communities and patients in the transformative changes in healthcare. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, from the University of Northern BC,
with a focus on health policy. 

Katie Procter, RN
Quality Leader
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Katie is responsible for the Council’s support and participation in the Canadian Positive Deviance (PD) project and Evidence to Excellence (E2E) initiatives, providing coaching and support. Prior to joining the Council in 2009, she supported the E2E Provincial Emergency Department project as Faculty and as part
of the executive team providing leadership, facilitation, coaching, and mentoring to over 200 members and over 40 teams in ED/Hospital flow and Sepsis. Katie also serves as the primary liaison for Safer Healthcare Now! (SHN) initiatives throughout the province. She has 35 years of experience in many areas of healthcare from hospital, community, mental health, and rural settings and is currently working on her Bachelor in Psychiatric Nursing with Thompson Rivers University.

Christina Krause, MSc
Executive Director
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Christina has strong background in improvement work leading collaboratives on topics such as medication reconciliation, prevention of surgical site infection and MRSA, and improved care for acute myocardial infarction. A certified Faculty member with the Institute for Healthcare Communication, she also served as a key member of the National Working Group which developed Pan-Canadian Disclosure Guidelines. In her current role, Christina has a particular interest in social movement theory and the mobilization of energy to facilitate large-scale change. Christina is currently an EXTRA Fellow with the Canadian Health Services
Research Foundation.

Andrew Wray, BSc
Quality Leader
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Andrew is responsible for the development of learning opportunities in quality and patient safety for BC healthcare providers, patients and the public, as well as supporting work towards improving relationships and communication between patients, families and healthcare workers. In partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health and Providence Healthcare, Andrew helped introduce the Global Trigger Tool to health authorities in BC and maintains a Community of Practice for continued collaboration. Prior to joining the Council, Andrew spent several years working in the biotechnology industry, the BC Cancer Research Centre and most recently, the BC Ministry of Health Services where he focused on infection prevention and control.

Linda Dempster, RN, MA
Regional Director, Quality and Patient Safety,
Vancouver Coastal Health

Linda has a long standing interest and involvement in improving the quality of care. Linda led one of BC’s first sites to systematically implement the use of the Global Trigger Tool, she has also led work on implementation of SBAR as a communication tool. Her interest areas include infection control, high reliability organizations, and the link between patient and staff safety. A member of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute’s Education and Professional Development Advisory Committee, Linda has BSc in Nursing and a Master of Arts in Leadership.


In preparation for the graduate workshop, we have some homework for you so that we make the most of our time together!  It is an easy one – listening to a one hour podcast by Don Berwick and Gerard Shea who were guests on a recent WIHI, an online radio show from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.  As part of the discussion on the link between cost and quality, they spoke of the emerging view of spread, sustainability and the pace of change given the current reality facing health systems around the world.  We will be using the WIHI session as a springboard to launch our own discussion, so would ask that everyone listen to this show prior to coming on Wednesday!

You can download the podcast here


We will have spaces for storyboards to be posted at the graduate workshop.  Please bring a copy of your storyboard from your Quality Academy project, or any other projects you would like to share, to the session.  It’s a great way to share your progress and make new connections with people working on common problems.”