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Health Care 2.0: Social Media Camp

Social Media Camp

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Want to better understand how to leverage social media for your work?

Social media is exploding in use across the world for a wide range of areas from social change in the Middle East to health care professionals in the United States using it to disseminate timely health care information. How do health care professionals in British Columbia measure up?

Health Care 2.0: Social Media Camp is a one-day learning experience to engage with health care communicators, inspire participation and share knowledge in health care using social media. This session will equip you with the toolbox for developing and growing an online community with a focus on health. After this full-day of social media immersion you will possess the tools to harness the power of social media for your important work.

On March 7th, join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #SocialMediaCamp.


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8:00 am Registration  
8:30 am Opening Remarks
Ajay Puri
8:45 am Opening Keynote Pat Rich
9:30 am Break  
9:45 am Panel: The Potential of Social Media To Change How We Do Health Care
Moderated by Pamela Fayerman
Katherine Dodds +
Pat Rich + David Hume
10:45 am Break  
11:00 am Session 1 Workshops  
  Social Media + Twitter 101

  • Social Media Communications Simplified
  • Making Sense – The Poetry of Tweeting
Kemp Edmonds +
Janet Madsen
  Social Media Campaigns I

  • I Have Immunity: Stories and Statistics
  • A new community: spurring HIV research with social media
Michelle Reid & Chelsea Haines +
Melanie Kuxdorf
  Social Media Strategy

  • Mind the Gap: Social Media Strategy and Relationship Building for Health System Improvements
  • Tweets are not enough: The Whys & Hows of a Health Organization’s Social Media Strategy
Paul Gallant +
Robyn Sussel
12:10 pm Lunch  
1:10 pm Session 2 Workshops  
  Video (How To + Success Stories)

  • The Hand Hygiene Video Competition
  • Video Production for Social Media 101
Abisaac Saraga +
Andrew Nguyen
  Social Media Campaigns II

  • Social Media and Immunization in BC: From Dipping our Toe to Jumping Right In
  • From Social to Sexual Networks: Developing a Provincial Sexual Health Website (SmartSexBC)
Ian Roe + Mark Gilbert
  Social Media Guidelines

  • Blue Ocean and Hidden Reefs: Helping Canadian Doctors Navigate Social Media
  • Professionalism and Social Media
Pat Rich + Barb Willson
2:20 pm Break  
2:35 pm Session 3 Workshops  
  Understanding Web Analytics

  • Optimizing your site for less than $20/month
  • How to use Web Analytics to Understand the Impact of Online Knowledge Translation Efforts
Ben Johnson +
Michaela Montaner
  Social Media Campaigns III

  • Growing the Centre for Health Care Management: Using The Right Tools to Reach a Unique Audience
  • Can Health be Contagious? The Ins and Outs of Viral Health Campaigns
Houston White + Damon Ramsey
  Gamification In Health

  • VivoSpace: An online social network to motivate health behaviour change
  • Social Health Games for Better Patient Engagement
Noreen Kamal + Michael Fergusson
3:45 pm Break  
4:00 pm Closing Keynote Andrea Reimer
4:45 pm Closing Remarks Ajay Puri
5:00 pm End  

This program consists of several components:

Keynotes & Panel Discussions
Highly respected Keynote Speakers from abroad and inspiring panellists will set the stage for social media exploration, sharing & teaching.

Social Media 101 Workshops
These workshops are will target specific components in social media to address questions and challenges and review the purpose and functions. Some of the topics we will cover include Twitter, blogging, video, video/ photo, email and presentations.

This all-day session is geared for:

  • Healthcare Communicators
  • Quality Forum Participants
  • Social Media experts with health focus.