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No Comments   |   ksmith   |   Apr 3, 2012

Health Talks – Doug Cochrane Recap

Doug Cochrane is the chair and provincial patient safety & quality officer of the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council. Doug’s experience in health care and dedication to improving health care delivery was very evident. His presentation was timed perfectly as he described his hope: better team work within the health care system. Watch his presentation here.

No Comments   |   ksmith   |   Apr 2, 2012

Health Talks – Leslie Varley Recap

Lesley Varley is the director of Aboriginal programs for the Provincial Health Services Authority. She highlighted the importance that history and culture can play in health care and used great, personal images to connect with the audience. Watch her presentation here

2 Comments   |   ksmith   |   Mar 30, 2012

Health Talks – Aidan Scott Recap

Aidan is the founder of aidanBOX – an organization dedicated to bringing awareness and innovation to mental health.  Aidan’s story was the night’s most personal, and it had the audience’s full attention. Watch his presentation here.

2 Comments   |   ksmith   |   Mar 29, 2012

Health Talks – Shimi Kang Recap

Dr. Shimi Kang is a Harvard-trained physician and one of Canada’s few addiction psychiatrists. Her hope is for health care workers to motivate and inspire their patients to implement lifestyle changes towards positive health. Watch her presentation here.

4 Comments   |   ksmith   |   Mar 28, 2012

Health Talks – Diane Roberts Recap

Steven Lewis, Health Talks’ emcee, described Diane as the “Lady Gaga of Pecha Kucha.” Her dramatic flair showed as she began her presentation by singing. She then spoke about remembering our past, creating our health care legacy, and building a borderless village.

3 Comments   |   ksmith   |   Mar 27, 2012

Health Talks – Helen Bevan Recap

Helen Bevan is chief of service transformation at the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. She delivered the first presentation at Health Talks about dementia patients being medicated with antipsychotics. Watch it here.

No Comments   |   ksmith   |   Mar 21, 2012

Building Quality Health Care from the Community Up

A common theme arose amongst the plenary and breakout session speakers: changing the outlook of health care in BC by encouraging a cohesive community that breaks down disconnected silos and forms a dialogue for transformation…

4 Comments   |   ksmith   |   Mar 21, 2012

Health Talks – John Gilbert Recap

John Gilbert, principal & professor emeritus of the College of Health Disciplines at the University of British Columbia, was Health Talks’ eighth speaker. His hope is that those in the health care system can work better inter-professionally. John’s charisma and sense of humour made his presentation very enjoyable. Watch his presentation here.

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