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No Comments   |   ksmith   |   Apr 24, 2012

Quality Academy Graduate Workshop – Event Recap

By Andrew Wray, Director, Learning & Strategic Initiatives The Quality Academy is a six-month professional development program designed for improvement leaders from all sectors of the health care system.  Over the course of five residency sessions, participants build their knowledge, skills and confidence in the core components of improving care while applying the concepts to […]

No Comments   |   ksmith   |   Apr 23, 2012

Ruth Anderson – Quality Forum 2012 Plenary Presentation

Dr. Ruth Anderson is Virginia Stone Professor of Nursing and a Senior Fellow in the Duke University Center for Aging and Human Development. Ruth delivered the third plenary presentation at Quality Forum 2012. Watch her performance here.

1 Comment   |   ksmith   |   Apr 18, 2012

Helen Bevan – 2012 Quality Forum Plenary Presentation

Helen Bevan is director of service transformation at the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. On March 8, 2012, Helen delivered the first plenary presentation at Quality Forum 2012. She spoke about organizational energy and how it drives high performance. Watch her performance here.

No Comments   |   ksmith   |   Apr 16, 2012

Is Large Scale Change Possible in Health Care?

Helen Bevan thinks so. She’s the chief of service transformation at the NHS Institute for Innovation & Improvement. In the 15 years she has been in her role, Helen has studied organizational behaviours within the health care system and helped to implement large-scale changes to improve care for millions of patients. Read about her visit to the Quality Forum, where she delivered three presentations, here.

No Comments   |   ksmith   |   Apr 10, 2012

Health Talks – Damon Ramsey Recap

Damon Ramsey is a 25-year-old medical student and founder of – an interactive health technology company. He envisioned how Steve Jobs would tackle health care technology. Watch his presentation here.

1 Comment   |   ksmith   |   Apr 4, 2012

Health Talks – Alissa Sadler Recap

Alissa Sadler is the Social Media Manager at Signals Design Group. Her health care hope was that we continue to leverage online tools to collaborate and build communities around health and towards a better health care system. Watch her presentation here.

No Comments   |   ksmith   |   Apr 3, 2012

Health Talks – Doug Cochrane Recap

Doug Cochrane is the chair and provincial patient safety & quality officer of the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council. Doug’s experience in health care and dedication to improving health care delivery was very evident. His presentation was timed perfectly as he described his hope: better team work within the health care system. Watch his presentation here.

No Comments   |   ksmith   |   Apr 2, 2012

Health Talks – Leslie Varley Recap

Lesley Varley is the director of Aboriginal programs for the Provincial Health Services Authority. She highlighted the importance that history and culture can play in health care and used great, personal images to connect with the audience. Watch her presentation here

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