Pre-Forum Deep Dive Session

final agenda

What’s the difference between technical and allocative efficiency?

Have you seen unnecessary duplication in the system?

How does the overuse, underuse and misuse of resources impact the triple aim?

This full-day deep dive session will expand on previous Quality Forum presentations in which speakers examined how models of technical and allocative efficiency can help to improve quality while at the same time addressing health system costs.

Join us for a highly interactive day – here’s our agenda – in which we will explore appropriateness of care, engage in lively debate about whether our current system is over- or under-managed, and discuss new opportunities for ensuring high quality care for patients while responding to the fiscal challenges presently faced by our health system.

Pre-Forum Deep Dive Session Objectives:

  • Explore opportunities for improving quality and addressing health system costs through technical and allocative efficiency;
  • Using specific case examples, review how models of technical and allocative efficiency have been successfully applied and consider their implications for the health system in BC;
  • Debate whether BC’s health care system is over- or under-managed; and
  • Explore appropriateness of care through an examination of how overuse, underuse and misuse of resources impact the triple aim.

Planning Group:

  • Andrew Neuner | Interior Health
  • Andrew Wray | BCPSQC
  • Bonnie Urquhart | Northern Health
  • Christina Krause | BCPSQC
  • Dan MacCarthy | BC Medical Association
  • Nick Grant | Ministry of Health
  • Robin Speedie | BCPSQC
  • Sek Cheung | Patients as Partners | Patient Voices Network
  • Steve Morgan | University of British Columbia
  • Stirling Bryan | Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluation