Selection Criteria

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Abstracts were anonymized and scored by an Abstract Review Committee consisting of clinical and non-clinical experts from across the province. Each abstract was assigned a score out of 50 based on the following criteria:

CONTEXT (10): Define the context in which the work was undertaken (what unit/department/community) and outline the aim(s) of the work.

PROBLEM/ISSUE (10): Clearly state the problem or issue, including a description of how it was identified.

INTERVENTION (10): Describe the activities undertaken to respond to the problem or issue, including who was involved and how changes were implemented.

MEASUREMENT (10): Describe the measurement strategy, including results.

CHALLENGES & LESSONS LEARNED (10): Describe any challenges faced and how they were addressed; share any lessons learned.

Please proofread your abstract for spelling and grammatical errors and avoid the use of jargon or acronyms that may not be commonly recognized.