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Thanks to everyone who tweeted from Quality Forum 2015! We loved how you shared your favourite moments and learnings with each other, and created a mini-community over the event’s three days. It shows the power that Twitter has to connect people attending an event as well as those around the world who cannot join in-person.

Here are the winners of our first-ever Quality Forum Twitter Awards. The winners will receive free 2 free tickets to Health Talks 2016!

Most tweets sent

With a whopping 369 tweets sent, the award goes to…

Most re-tweeted tweet

Helen Bevan + Angus = an unbeatable Twitter combo

Random draw: “take a selfie with a Red Vest”

Nicola managed to snag 3 Red Vests in 2 photos!

Best photo

A selfie with Helen Bevan, countless participants in the background and a fortuitously-placed wall projection? @abidma09 wins.

Random draw: Change Day BC-related tweet

We’re not surprised that since QF15, Liz has been an incredible Change Day BC ambassador.