School for Health Care Radicals

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the school for health care radicals logoFebruary 18 | 0930 – 1630 | $125

It’s tough being a change agent, particularly when other people don’t want to change.

It has little to do with how senior you are in the hierarchy. The best change agents are often the people with the least formal position or power. Big change only happens in health and care because of heretics and radicals: passionate people who are willing to take responsibility and work with others to make change happen. As health and care radicals, we are willing to challenge the status quo when we see there could be a better way; our aim is to change existing thinking and practice and improve care for patients, families and people who use our services.

This one-day interactive School for Health Care Radicals, led by Helen Bevan, a global leader in health system improvement and transformation, aims to provide people with powerful ideas, tools and connections to survive and thrive as a change agent.

Download a PDF poster of the event here.

This workshop will help participants to:

  • Put together their own toolkit of powerful approaches for leading and supporting change;
  • Connect with and learn from other health and care radicals;
  • Build the confidence, knowledge and skills to operate as an effective change agent – to “rock the boat, but stay in it”; and
  • Make a difference to patient and staff experience and outcomes of care.


Helen Bevan [bio]
Chief Transformation Officer,
Horizons Team, NHS Improving Quality




Coming to the workshop? Stay for Health Talks! It starts at 1900.