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Improving Access to Cardiology Services through a Collaborative Model of ‘Shared Care’
Moe Baloo, Providence Health Care

Cultivating the Patient Experience: Key Role of Clerks within the Interdisciplinary Team
Linda Cheung, Provincial Health Services Authority

Brief Action Planning Training: A Practical Application for Patient and Family-Centred Care
Connie Davis, Centre for Collaboration, Motivation and Innovation

A Stupendous Challenge: Creating ONE Interprofessional, Timely Discharge Report
Karen Derry, Provincial Health Services Authority

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The CARES Quality Improvement Project: Preventing Frailty in Seniors
Antonina Garm, Fraser Health

The Effect of Interprofessional Shared Decision Making on Patient Safety Outcomes
Farinaz Havaei, University of British Columbia

Successful Implementation of a Prostate Cancer Survivorship Program
Celestia Higano, University of Washington

Improving Outcomes through Partner-Based Exercise Programming in Men with Prostate Cancer
Celestia Higano, University of Washington

TeleMS: Bringing MS Care Closer to Home
Amber Holden  Island Health

The Impact of Hospital Environment on Patient Safety for People with Dementia
Lillian Hung, Vancouver Coastal Health

Smartphones to Work with Heart Failure Patients: Is It Possible?
Annemarie Kaan, Providence Health Care

VHC/PHC Regional Mental Health & Addiction Program Patient Satisfaction Survey Projects
Jan Kozicky, Vancouver Coastal Health/ Providence Health Care

A Study of Preferences Regarding Perioperative Resources for Patients Receiving Elective Surgery
Justin Lambert, Interior Health, Surgical Services Network

Gentle Persuasive Approach: Evaluation of a Person-Centered Approach to Dementia Care
Elizabeth Loewen, Providence Health Care

Emergency Department – Telehealth Provides Urgent TeleMental Health Care
Nancy Mareck, Island Health

Uncovering the Experiences of Patients and Caregivers as Couples
Annette McKinnon, Patient and Community Engagement Research (PaCER)

Being ON TRAC: Methods for Integrating Transition Clinical Practice Guidelines and Tools
Mary Paone, BC Children’s Hospital

Bringing Patients and Clinicians Together to Co-Create Primary Care Models
Kyle Pearce, Vancouver Citizens Health Initiative

How Do Patients and Families Experience your Quality/Safety Initiatives: An Ethical Perspective
Brenda Sawatzky-Girling, University of British Columbia, School of Population and Public Health

The Impact of Structured Whiteboards on Patient Satisfaction in a Children’s Hospital
Michael Seear, BC Children’s Hospital

Application of Cognitive Analysis Techniques to a Multi-Institution Problem in Emergency Health Services
Daniel Sirivar, BC Emergency Health Services

The Road to Hope
Tracy St. Claire, South Okanagan Similkameen Division of Family Practice

Demystifying Accreditation Canada’s New Requirements for Client- and Family-Centred Care
Kim Steger  Provincial Health Services Authority

eBooking at Steveston Medical Group Clinic
Jennifer Tongol, Vancouver Coastal Health

Is Your Mom on Drugs? Ours Was. Here’s What We Did.
Johanna Trimble, University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine

Transition Care Management Plans to Facilitate Transition of Youth into Adult Health Care
Sandra Whitehouse, University of British Columbia

Youth Transition Initiative – Shared Care for Youth with Chronic Health Conditions
Sandra Whitehouse,  University of British Columbia

Not Just a Talk: Innovative Sexual Health Education
Leta Burechailo, Powell River Division of Family Practice

Integrating Equity and Quality into Health Care Services
Kamaljeet Guram, Provincial Health Services Authority

Newcomer Women’s Health Clinic at BC Women’s Health Centre
Caitlin Johnston, BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre

Where is Public Health? Exploration of Canadian Quality and Safety Organization Websites
Lenora Marcellus, University of Victoria

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Improving Palliative Care in Powell River
David May, Powell River Division of Family Practice

The End of Chronic Disease in BC
Ella Young, Vancouver Coastal Health

Choosing Wisely in Medical Imaging: Opportunities to Increase Value
Vivian Chan, Vancouver Coastal Health

Ensuring Laboratory Reports are Delivered Accurately and Safely for Patients
Cathy Chong, Provincial Health Services Authority

Experienced Resource Nurse Teams in Mental Health and Addictions Nursing in Vancouver
Kathryn Embacher, Vancouver Coastal Health

LEAN Thinking in Cataract Surgery: Impact on Patient Safety, Waitlists and Resouces
Hamza Khan, Island Health

Right Care Right Place
Grace Park, White Rock South Surrey Division of Family Practice

Nursing Staff to Inpatient Ratio: Development of a New Indicator
Jacqueline Singer, Canadian Institute for Health Information

Integrating Electronic Records Management with Strategic Planning and Board Priorities to Achieve Maximum Value
Ella Young, Vancouver Coastal Health

Comparison of Thoracic Epidurals and Rectus Sheath Catheters within an Enhanced Recovery after Surgery Program
James Arnold, Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care

A Targeted Pharmacist Intervention to Reduce Medication Related Readmissions
Karen Dahri, Vancouver Coastal Health and University of British Columbia

Patient Safety & Learning System Collaboration with Transfusion Medicine Enabling Cross-Health Authority Event Reporting
Susanna Darnel, Provincial Health Services Authority

Emergency General Surgery National Surgical Quality Improvement Program Pilot Study
Barbara Drake, Vancouver Coastal Health

Getting the Tube Out – What’s Taking So Long?
Lena Farina, Providence Health Care

National Surgical Quality Improvement Program and Infection Prevention and Control Surgical Site Infection Rates: Investigation of Variation Leads to Strengthened Collaboration
Leslie Forrester, Vancouver Coastal Health

Promotion of Healthy Neonatal Skin- Development of Infant Skin Risk Assessment Tool
Valoria Hait, British Columbia Women’s Hospital and Health Centre

Safety Culture Experiences of NICU Parents- A New Angle of Safety Intelligence
Valoria Hait, British Columbia Women’s Hospital and Health Centre

Pharmacy Cleanrooms – How Clean is Clean Enough
Tony Howarth, Vancouver Coastal Health

Reducing Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections in the Peri-Operative Area
Nicky Huang  Vancouver Coastal Health

Variability in Reoperation Rates Following Initial Breast Conserving Surgery in British Columbia
Lauren Hughes, BC Cancer Agency

Implementation of a Reserved Antibiotic Drug Pre-printed Order at Vancouver General Hospital
Tim Lau, Vancouver Coastal Health

Right Orders & Right Tubes for Patient Safety
Ada Leung, Provincial Health Services Authority Lower Mainland Labs

Audit of Multimodal Pain Management with Implementation of an ERAS Program
Kelly Mayson, Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care, Vancouver General Hospital

Telepharmacy Model Supporting 24/7 Pharmacist Medication Order Review in Community Hospitals
Kevin McDonald, North West Telepharmacy Solutions

3-Year Retrospective Review of Efficacy of a Remote Pharmacist-Directed Warfarin Service
Kevin McDonald, North West Telepharmacy Solutions

Integrating Self-Management Support into Diabetes Clinical Practice
Patrick McGowan, University of Victoria, School of Public Health and Social Policy

Evaluating the Impact of a Quality Improvement Initiative Using Time Series Analysis
Salomeh Shajari, Vancouver Coastal Health

Improving Patient Result Turnaround Times – Lab Workflow Redesign at MSJ Hospital
Baljit Singh, Lower Mainland Laboratories

Emergency to Inpatient- Sharing Pediatric Transfer of Care
Mary Spencer, Fraser Health

CollaborACTION: Collaboration, Education and Support between Intensive Care Unit and Lab Increasing Patient Safety
Janie Venis, Providence Health Care

Feasibility of Implementing Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) for Pre-Operative Cleansing in Pediatrics
Irena Zivkovic, BC Children’s Hospital, Office of Paediatric Surgical Evaluation and Innovation

Quality Month 2015: So Long Silos, Hello Synergy!
Jennifer Aitken, Island Health

Ethics and Decision-Making at BC Emergency Health Services – Kimberly Banfield
Kimberly Banfield, BC Emergency Health Services

Integration of General Practitioners in Disaster Planning
Ian Bekker, Victoria Division of Family Practice

Optimizing Residential Care
Ian Bekker, Victoria Division of Family Practice

Improving Tertiary Capacity for Seniors Mental Health Patients on Vancouver Island
Lorrie Brooks, Island Health

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Enhanced Recovery after Surgery Collaborative Local Lessons Learned through a Provincial Surgical Quality Improvement Initiative
Angie Chan, Specialist Services Committee, Doctors of BC

Building a Maternity Care Network in Urban Family Practice
Renee Fernandez, Vancouver Division of Family Practice

Patient-Centered Island-Wide: A New Model for Connecting Quality across Island Health
Adele Harrison, Island Health

Quality and Safety: Lessons Learned from National Accreditation Canada Data
Qendresa Hasanaj, Accreditation Canada

The BC Inherited Arrhythmia Program: Evidence-Based, Accessible, Family-Centered Approach to Quality Care
Julie Hathaway, BC Inherited Arrhythmia Program

LEANing System Reviews at Island Health
Bart Johnson, Island Health

Storytelling, the Healthcare Business Way
Gina Lam  Vancouver Coastal Health

The Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA) in Dementia Care: Applying Knowledge into Practice
Elizabeth Loewen, Providence Health Care

Building Skilled Care Teams for Seniors’ Needs
Mona Mattei, Shared Care – Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice

Lost in Translation- Making Strategic Planning Meaningful
Karen Nesbitt, Vancouver Coastal Health

A New Kind of Rounds- Delivering the Right Amount of Care
Jessica Otte, Division of Family Practice

Readiness – Has This Been Overlooked – Richmond Division of Family Practice
Denise Ralph, Richmond Division of Family Practice

Developing a Super Team for Continuous Improvement
Kristal Speed, Island Health

Blending Graduate Studies and Workplace Needs for Quality Improvement
Sue Stanton, University of British Columbia

50 Shades of System Transformation
Megan Stowe, Fraser Health

Clinical Teaching Unit Quality Council: A Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach for Quality Improvement
Jenifer Tabamo, Vancouver Coastal Health

Achieving Safer Hospital Stays: A Deep Dive into Care-Sensitive Adverse Events Rates & Causes
Tracey Thompson-Franson, Island Health

IHI Open School Canadian Region: Early Beginnings for the Newest IHI Region
Andrea Jones, Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School

IHI Open School Change Agent Network (I-CAN) Pledge to Improve Health Initiative
Andrea Jones, Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School

IHI Open School UBC Chapter: Building Capacity for Change
Jenna Smith-Forrester, Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School: University of British Columbia Chapter

IHI UBC Student Practicums- Immersed in Clinical Quality Improvement
Melissa Wan, Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School: University of British Columbia Chapter

Developing a Student-Led Hand Hygiene Program in Acute Care Facilities
Amani Kafeety, Fraser Health

*Storyboard Winner*
Supporting Improvements in Physicians’ Hand Hygiene Compliance
Barbara Stroud, Fraser Health