A Lesson on Teamwork with the Whitecaps FC

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Team work is just as important to health care as it is to soccer teams, as plans and strategies are necessary to guide a diverse group of people towards a shared purpose. But what can health care learn from soccer? We wanted to find out, so we organized a field trip to the training grounds… Read more »

Creating a culture where ideas grow

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With a PHD in Organizational Systems and over 20 years of experience as an advisor in the health care system, Cheryl Mitchell has a lot to teach about innovation. That’s exactly what she did, and in an engaging way, during her presentation at Quality Forum 2016. Using real-life examples to tackle a very timely subject… Read more »

Cory Ashworth’s March Sweater

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When Vancouver broadcaster Cory Ashworth got on stage at Health Talks to speak about his hope for health care, everyone was moved by the stories he told of LGBTQ seniors and their past – and current – experiences fighting for space, recognition, and respect. What happens when that fight continues into old age? That’s where… Read more »

Uncovering Experiences at QF16

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One of the things that we like the most about Quality Forum is the amazing opportunity that it offers for participants meaningful connections with each other. That’s why we were so happy to see the tweet below, posted by Catherine Backman (@cath_back) with the hashtag #QF16: Uncovering experiences of patient-caregiver couples @pacerinnovates@anetto@sara_shear@amaybee#QF16pic.twitter.com/uTliT7X8EJ — Catherine Backman… Read more »

“Nothing About Us Without Us”

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We asked Evan Adams to tell us about his hopes for health care at Health Talks. But the First Nations Health Authority’s Chief Medical Officer did much more than that: he gave a moving presentation about how British Columbia’s health system can provide better care for all its citizens. In less than seven minutes, Evan… Read more »