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The Healing Power of a Makeover – Caroline MacGillivray at Health Talks   Don’t have time to watch the presentation? Listen to it on your phone or portable music player! Download the mp3 version here. (Right-click the link and choose “Save Link As”)

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The Healing Power of a Makeover – Caroline MacGillivray at Health Talks

15 years ago, Caroline MacGillivray founded Beauty Night Society and, since then, has helped more than 50,000 women in poverty through “life makeovers”: wellness, life skills development, and beauty makeovers to help build the self-esteem to transform their lives. For Caroline, a makeover represents more than just painted nails and a haircut; it’s about beginning… Read more »

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A Lesson on Teamwork with the Whitecaps FC

Team work is just as important to health care as it is to soccer teams, as plans and strategies are necessary to guide a diverse group of people towards a shared purpose. But what can health care learn from soccer? We wanted to find out, so we organized a field trip to the training grounds… Read more »

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Creating a culture where ideas grow

With a PHD in Organizational Systems and over 20 years of experience as an advisor in the health care system, Cheryl Mitchell has a lot to teach about innovation. That’s exactly what she did, and in an engaging way, during her presentation at Quality Forum 2016. Using real-life examples to tackle a very timely subject… Read more »

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George Watson on Learning How to Un-Zombify a Hopeless Project at #QF16

We all embark upon a new project with excitement and anticipation. We think this is going to be the one that will address that important issue, or solve that longstanding bugbear. Sometimes it actually works out the way we hope, and we are rightfully overjoyed. Much more commonly, though, we experience unplanned or unknown challenges… Read more »

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