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Check out these sessions that explore linkages between health care and university programs.

B4: Integrating Health Care and Academia: Partnership for Change
How can we equip practice-ready graduates with the knowledge they need to change and improve the health care system? This is the question being asked by the BC Academic Health Quality Network – a network dedicated to integrating health care and academia to improve health quality within BC. This interactive session is designed to garner your ideas that will form the foundation of an interactive, multimedia resource for teaching quality improvement tools and methodologies to health professionals.

A4: Taming Wicked Problems: How Art and Design Schools Can Contribute to Solving Some of the Most Difficult Issues in Health Care
Health care embodies the very essence of complex social problems. And worse, getting solutions wrong can have expensive, even fatal consequences. As paradigms for change usually originate from within existing systems, new perspectives are missed and old systems become further entrenched. Using examples from current projects, the speakers will show how collaboration between an art and design school and a health authority can offer some insight into how complex problems in health care might be addressed. Further, the presenters will outline how a new collaborative model might benefit all of the health authorities in BC.