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If you’re interested in improving critical care, check out these sessions. You can learn more about them in our Registration Guide.

  • A3: Filling the Cracks: Integrating Community and Emergency Care for Complex Patients
    • Proactive Mental Health Assessments in the Emergency Department to Improve Care
    • Shared Care Planning for Complex Patients
    • Regional Integrated Complex Patient Care Planning: Familiar Faces Helping Those Who Frequently Revisit Multiple Emergency Departments
  • A5: Acting Out for Patient Safety
  • C2: Go with the Flow: Right Care, Right Place, Right Time
    • Improving Flow to Achieve “Care in the Right Place”
    • Bedside Patient Interviews: A Tool to Reduce Unplanned Readmissions
    • Emergency Department Team-Based Continuous Improvement and Lean Management
  • D3: From Access to Success in the Emergency Department
    • Improving Patient Safety and Quality of Care in a Community Emergency Department by Incorporating Evidence into Practice: Using a Pivot Nurse to Improve Access to the Appropriate Level of Care
    • Kelowna General Hospital Congestion Action Plan
    • Improving Emergency Department Access at Penticton Regional Hospital
  • G2: Barriers Associated with Therapeutic Hypothermia Protocol at St. Paul’s Hospital: Time to Cool It