Call for Abstracts Overview

Over 950 people will be at Quality Forum 2017! Here’s your chance to tell them about your work.

You can choose to deliver a rapid fire presentation and/or display a storyboard March 2-3 on any topic related to providing better care for patients.

The submission deadline is September 9. Don’t miss it!


Sprouts & Seeds

We want to provide opportunities to spread improvement initiatives that are just starting to break ground, so we’ve split the Quality Forum’s abstracts into two categories: Sprouts and Seeds.


Your project is a Sprout if it is underway or complete with results, “how-to” tips and lessons that you can share with Forum participants. It does not have to be considered a success – failures provide valuable learning opportunities, too!

Sprouts Selection Criteria



Your project is a Seed if it is an idea that has just been planted – a promising practice or emerging way of ‘how to improve care’ that is too young to have results. The Forum is meant to be an opportunity to seek input, inspire collaboration, and motivate action at an early stage.

Seeds Selection Criteria


Abstract Submission Guidelines

You can submit as many abstracts as you like, and each abstract is limited to 300 words. Here’s more important info about the presentations, abstracts and submission process.