Pre-Forum Sessions

The Quality Forum featured two full-day sessions on Wednesday, March 1. They were highly interactive and rare occasions that brought together diverse groups of stakeholders who wanted to learn about a specific subject more deeply than would be possible in a one- or two-hour breakout session.

Best of Both Worlds: Dimensions of Quality, Indigenous Perspectives

Indigenous health is one of the most important health issues facing this country. In advancing Indigenous health, how do we ensure that quality is embedded every step of the way? How can we create a system that is an accessible, equitable, and inclusive for the 21st century?

Learn more about the session here.

Simplifying the Journey

Last year, those involved in projects of the Joint Collaborative Committees were brought together for a day of sharing and learning. This year, the JCCs once again partnered with the Quality Forum to feature a pre-Forum day of interactive workshops, this time revolving around the theme of ‘Simplifying the Journey.’

Learn more about the session here.