Quips, Quandaries and Comebacks: A Quality Debate

Four great speakers will debate an important – and contentious – motion related to improving the quality of care in BC’s health system.

There is widespread recognition of the need to transform the health care system – to fundamentally change the way that care is delivered in Canada. Innovation has become a buzzword – a recognition that we need to rethink the status quo and develop new ways of delivering care. Much emphasis is placed on the development of new ideas and innovative approaches, and there are some spectacular successes that have been achieved.

Transforming the health care system, however, will require the implementation of these new ways of working at a system-wide scale. Canada has been described as a nation of pilot projects – one where there have been many innovations that have been shown to work, but there has been little shift in the country as a whole.  Do we have enough innovative ideas and should we focus on implementing what has been shown to work well? Or do we have further to go, and have yet to design the transformations that need to take place?

Be it resolved that… we need disciplined execution of existing improvements more than innovative approaches to delivering care to achieve the transformation of the health care system.

Meet this year’s debaters!

The Quality Forum’s debate is meant to incite discussion and challenge commonly-held beliefs about a timely health care topic. We have assigned the debate’s speakers to their teams; their positions do not necessarily reflect their personal views on the debate topic, nor those of their respective organizations.