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Improvement Capability (2ND FLOOR)

1 Transforming Raw Data into Actionable Health Information with Interactive Dashboards
Kushal Acharya | Vancouver Coastal Health

2 Gamification of Dementia Education in Acute Care
Doris Bohl | Vancouver Coastal Health

3 Utilizing Evidence to Improve Concurrent Psychiatric Care Outcomes in Acute Settings
Kofi Bonnie | Providence Health Care

4 Partnering with Patients for Quality Improvement: Results of Pan-Canadian Collaborative
Jessie Checkley | Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement

5 ED2HOME in Nanaimo
Laura Cross | Island Health

6 Nanaimo Regional General Hospital – Patient Discharge Process Improvement Project
Laura Cross | Island Health

7 Developing a New Data Portal at Warp Speed: Engage
Jennifer Danielson | BC Provincial Blood Coordinating Office

8 Pain Assessment/Analysis in Residential Care Using Resident Journey Mapping and Lean
Pauline Deane | Vancouver Coastal Health

9 Evaluating, Understanding and Supporting Sustainability and Spread
Sarah Fielden | Doctors of BC

10 Call for Less Antipsychotics in Residential Care: CLeARing a Path for Better Dementia Care
Tara Fitzgerald | BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

11 Communicating Medical Imaging Wait Times
Ian Bekker | Victoria Divisions of Family Practice

12 Building Physician Capacity for Quality Improvement
Jennifer Furtado | Island Health

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13 Supporting Physicians to Integrate Quality Improvement into their Practice
Jennifer Furtado | Island Health

14 Improving Geriatric Care with a Community of Practice Strategy
Kristi Gerevas | Vancouver Coastal Health

15 Tackling Cultural and Social Change: An Example of a Successful Quality Improvement Initiative
Alison Giddings | BC Cancer Agency

16 Utilizing Visual Cues and Engaging Parents and Siblings in a Health Screening Process
Valoria Hait | BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre

17 Lions Gate Hospital E-notification of Admission and Death Project
Chisato Ito | North Shore Division of Family Practice

18 Model of Care – Careplan
Shelley Kellner | BC Children’s Hospital

19 Medication Safety Month in the Pediatric Emergency Department – A Year in Review
Jennifer Kendrick | BC Children’s Hospital

20 Environmental Sampling Pilot at Two Lower Mainland Hospital Pharmacies
Tamar Koleba | Fraser Health – Lower Mainland Pharmacy Services

21 Caring for Long Term Care Residents Throughout the Dying Process: A Pilot Study
Anne Leclerc | Providence Health Care

22 Making a Splash! Creating an Engaging, Consistent Orientation Program
Kate McBride | Vancouver Coastal Health

23 Partnerships for Success: Building a Strong Foundation for eConsultation
Nico Miraftab | Providence Health Care

24 Unraveling IV CQI Pump Data: Is There a SMART Way of Reducing Medication Errors?
Tonya Ng | BC Cancer Agency

25 Improving Equitable and Timely Access to Fraser Health Outpatient Rehabilitation
Vivian Ng | Fraser Health

26 Low Barrier Rapid Access Groups
Mara Pungente | Island Health

27 Comprehensive Medication Management in Primary Care
Jillian Reardon | University of British Columbia, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

28 Learning from Safety Events: Fostering a Culture Safety in Nursing Education
Theresa Shaugnessy | British Columbia Institute of Technology

29 Maximize Care Planning by Standardizing Documentation and Removing the Kardex
Coralei Still | Fraser Health

30 Implementing Automated Shift Callout (ASC) System at Providence Health
Tanya Tang | Providence Health Care

31 Transforming Telehealth: Optimizing Nurse to Physician Call Transfer
Leanne Thain | HealthLinkBC

32 No Need for Snow Tires! Adaptation of Palliative Care Education for Rural Settings
Kathleen Yue | British Columbia Center for Palliative Care

33 More than a Managed Practice: Improving Access to Primary Care
Kathleen Yue | Saanich Peninsula Primary Health Care Society

Population Health (2ND FLOOR)

34 The Use of PhotoVoice in Health Education Action for Life (iHEAL)
Kendall Ho | University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Digital Emergency Medicine

35 No Shows in an Outpatient Clinic: Can We Do It Better?
Annemarie Kaan | Providence Health Care

36 Raising the Profile Project: Case Studies of Community-Based Services for Seniors
Laura Kadowaki | Raising the Profile Project

37 Chronic Pain Management in Small Town British Columbia
David May | Powell River Division of Family Practice/Shared Care

38 Improving Palliative Care in a Rural Community
David May | Powell River Division of Family Practice/Shared Care

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39 Review of Pneumococcal Vaccination in the Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis Population
Vanessa McMahon | BC Children’s Hospital, Cystic Fibrosis Clinic

Students (2ND FLOOR)

40 Improving Delirium Care in Elderly Patients via Routine Screening & Clinical Order Sets
Niki Kandola | St. Joseph’s General Hospital & Island Health

41 Pre-Implementation Adherence to the Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) Protocol for Gynecology Oncology Surgery
Jordan Lewis | Vancouver Coastal Health

42 Improving the Appropriateness of Serum Magnesium Testing in the Intensive Care Unit
Ada Lo | University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine

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43 Creating A Mental Health Team At Health Services
Helen Monkman | University of Victoria

44 Targeting Elderly Loneliness through an Inter-Generational Visiting Program
Shivani Mysuria | University of British Columbia

45 Reducing Head Injuries among Aboriginal Youth in the South Okanagan
Adam Parsons | Interior Health

46 What Do Patients Think of Medication Information Sharing? Insights from ActionADE
Serena Small | Simon Fraser University

47 Partnering with Patients to Develop Orientation Resources at BC Children’s Hospital
Alexander Suleiman | University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine

48 IHI UBC Student Practicum Program: One Year Later
Melissa Wan | Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School: University of British Columbia Chapter

Clinical Practice (3RD FLOOR)

49 Providing Anonymised Individual Feedback to Reduce Intra-Operative Hypothermia
Julie Bedford | Provincial Health Services Authority

50 Perioperative Myocardial Infarction: Analysis & Learning from Tertiary Centre National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP) Data
Janette Brohan | Department of Anesthesiology

51 Improving Brain Tumor Biomarker Turnaround Time – Patient Care Management Initiative
Sandra Chow | Provincial Health Services Authority

52 Using a Patient Safety Learning System (PSLS) to Track Newborn Resuscitation Events
Sarah Coutts | Provincial Health Services Authority

53 A Quality Improvement Initiative to Improve the Early Provision of Colostrum
Sarah Coutts | Provincial Health Services Authority

54 Smoking Cessation in Opiate Assisted Treatment
Julie Foreman | Providence Health Care

55 The Development and Implementation of an Enhanced Recovery after Surgery Working Tool at Abbotsford Hospital
Laura-Lynne Funnelle | Fraser Health

56 Turning Silver into Gold – Using Innovative Technology to Reduce Urinary Tract Infections
Lila Gottenbos | Fraser Health

57 Prevalence and Appropriateness of Antimicrobial Use in Acute Care Hospital
Jennifer Grant | Vancouver Coastal Health

58 Evaluation of Transfer Period from Pediatric to Adult Healthcare in Cystic Fibrosis
Anna Gravelle | BC Children’s Hospital

59 Stroke Nurses Improve Time to Treatment in the Emergency Department for Acute Stroke Patients
Devin Harris | Interior Health

60 Implementation of a Pilot Protected Mealtime at St. Paul’s Hospital
Maude Henri-Bhargava | Providence Health Care

61 How Adherence to Enhanced Recovery after Surgery Protocol Impacts on Patient Outcomes
Tracey Hong | Vancouver Coastal Health

62 Reducing Post-Operative Urinary Retention (POUR) in the Orthopedic Population
Nicky Huang | Vancouver Coastal Health

63 48/6 Model of Care: Tracking of Nutrition Screening Consults
Jiak Chin Koh | Providence Health Care

64 Health of Patients on the Surgical Waitlist in British Columbia
Zuzanna Kurzawa | Vancouver Coastal Health, Providence Health Care & University of British Columbia

65 Patient-Reported Outcomes and the Risk of Adverse Events Following Elective Surgery
Ernest Lai | Vancouver Coastal Health, Providence Health Care & University of British Columbia

66 Surgical Assessment: Measuring Unobserved Health
Joleen Wright | Vancouver Coastal Health

67 Why Don’t Physicians Use Order Sets? Identifying Opportunities and Challenges
Bryn Lander | Simon Fraser University

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68 Research Meets the Front Lines: Implementing the Virtual Cardiac Rehab Program
Heidi Luongo | Fraser Health

69 Optimizing Nurse Deployment in Real-Time Using the Synergy Tool
Maura MacPhee | University of British Columbia

70 The BC Radiology Quality Improvement System
Sheila McFarland | Provincial Health Services Authority

71 Quality Improvement of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Anesthesia Practice at Royal Columbia Hospital
Richard Merchant | Fraser Health

72 Guidelines and Medication References for Treatment of Early Psychosis
Tamara Mihic | Providence Health Care

73 A Comprehensive Stroke Unit Referral Form & Updated Triage Process Improve Stroke Unit Efficiency
Jaclyn Morrison | Island Health

74 Monitoring the Decline of Surgical-Site Infection Rates after Cesarean Sections in BC
Roanne Preston | University of British Columbia, Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics

75 Achieving Discharge Efficiency through Quality Improvement
Mia Remington | Provincial Health Services Authority

76 Building Partnerships – Working with the Immunodeficiency Clinic to Reduce Pre-Analytical Error Rates
Baljit Singh | Provincial Health Services Authority, Lower Mainland Laboratories

77 Is Surgery Indicated? Update on Flat Epithelial Atypia Diagnosed at Core Biopsy
Selina Suleman | BC Women’s Hospital

78 Implementation of a Provincial Pediatric Early Warning System in Hospital across BC
Yasmin Tuff | Child Health BC

79 Piloting a Pediatric Early Warning System for Emergency Departments in BC
Theresa McElroy | Child Health BC

80 Evaluating the Efficacy of UV Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) Devices in Reducing Health Care Associated Infections
Petra Welsh | Fraser Health

81 Collaborative Medication Review in High-Risk Elderly Patients
Karen Dahri | Vancouver Coastal Health

Experience of Care (3RD FLOOR)

82 A Pictogram-Based Medication Calendar for Use in Hospital Inpatients
Karen Dahri | Vancouver Coastal Health

83 Improving Northern Patient Preparation for Cardiac Catheterization
Linda Axen | Northern Health

84 Patient Partners on Improvement Teams: Supporting Meaningful Engagement
Agnes Black | Providence Health Care

85 Improving Patient & Staff Experience by Minimizing Operating Room Traffic at Peace Arch Hospital
Susann Camus | Fraser Health

86 Nocturnal Hemodialysis Patient Experience
Robin Cho | Fraser Health

87 Cardiac Surgery Prehabilitation
Nicole Cook | Fraser Health

88 Increasing Patients’ Involvement in Their Transfusions: A Pilot Project
Karen Dallas | Providence Health Care

89 Psychiatric Consultation Clinic
Claire Doherty | North Shore Division of Family Practice

90 Implementing the Comfort Plan: A Trauma Informed Care Intervention
Heather Fulton | Provincial Health Services Authority

91 Beyond the Tick Box: Creating Meaningful Family Engagement
Rita Janke | BC Children’s Hospital

92 Re-Designing Patient Education in Radiation Therapy Through a Person-Centric Lens
Ben Lee | BC Cancer Agency

93 Using your BRAIN: A Patient- and Family-Centered Approach to Shared Decision Making
John Lester | The Centre for Collaboration, Motivation and Innovation

94 Home IV Referral for Cystic Fibrosis Patients Admitted to St. Paul’s Hospital
Akshay Lobo | Providence Health Care, Adult Cystic Fibrosis Clinic

95 Abreast of the Situation
Kim Lowry | Fraser Health

96 Sustaining Significant Patient Experience Improvement: If You Build It Will They Come?
Tracy Lust | Provincial Health Services Authority

97 Defining Patient-Reported Factors in the Decision to Return to Work after Colorectal Surgery
Reagan Maniar | University of British Columbia & Providence Health Care

98 Reducing the Risk of Interruptions and Errors with a Pharmacy Patient Pager System
Crystal Maric | BC Cancer Agency

*Storyboard Winner*
99 The ART CART and Its Role in Improving the Patient Experience and Reducing Anxiety
Karl Newholm | Providence Health Care

100 Transforming the Conversation between Patient and Clinician
Vivian Ng | Fraser Health

101 Sleep-Wake-Behaviours App for Parents of Children with Neurodevelopmental Conditions
Caylee Raber | Emily Carr University of Art and Design

102 Community Mental Health Triage – Vancouver Police Department (VPD) Emergency Telecons
Sarah Robertson | Provincial Health Services Authority

103 Advance Care Planning, Serious Illness and End of Life Care Conversations
Wallace Robinson | Providence Health Care

104 Improving Care Experience & Health Outcomes for Seniors with Home Health Monitoring
Lisa Saffarek | Island Health

105 Collaboration with Patients to Develop Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Protocol for Home Health Monitoring
Lisa Saffarek | Island Health

106 Medical Behavior Cohort & Environmental Redesign to Address Complex Behavioural Needs
Sukhdeep Sran | Fraser Health