About the Forum

Quality Forum 2018 was a three-day event, with its main two days of programming taking place on February 22 & 23, 2018.

These main two days featured presentations and interactive workshops on a variety of topics related to improving quality across the continuum of care. They were a mix of content that the event’s Steering Committee felt should be showcased as well as presentations and storyboards chosen though our Call for Abstracts.

Participants travelled on field trips, so that they couldlearn lessons from other industries that are applicable to health care. Plenary presentations, a debate and a storyboard reception also brought participants together to learn, to be entertained, and to be inspired.

There were a few surprises, too!

All told, Quality Forum 2018 was a great opportunity to learn new skills and strategies, discuss opportunities and challenges, and network with others interested in improving health care in British Columbia.

Pre-Forum Events

On February 21, participants were also able to attend full-day pre-Forum sessions as well as our annual evening event, Health Talks.

Who Attends the Quality Forum?

Participants included physicians, nurses, pharmacists, allied health professionals, students, and more. They work in quality improvement, academic, administrative, governance and senior executive roles. They are patients.

For a full breakdown of participants’ roles over the Forum’s previous years, download our reports.

Look Back at the Quality Forum

Download our report on last year’s (awesome) event!

You can also read about the Quality Forum’s achievements over its first five years.

Quality Forum 2018’s Objectives:

  • Ignite action to improve quality of care;
  • Create and strengthen connections and collaboration across all areas of care;
  • Share effective strategies and leading practices to stimulate and sustain improvement; and
  • Demonstrate how every voice matters to achieve high quality care.

What is the Quality Forum?

We’re glad you asked! Here’s a short video featuring participants from Quality Forum 2017 and members of the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council team.