We were excited to welcome patients, family members and caregivers to Quality Forum 2018!

Last year, five percent of participants at the main two days of programming were patients, caregivers or members of the public. We supported their attendance at Quality Forum 2018 in numerous ways:

Patient Partner Registration

A registration fee is only one piece of the total expenditure associated with attending a conference – there can also be varying costs related to travel, accommodation and being away from work or home. To provide equitable opportunity for patients to attend, we ensured all travel and accommodation expenses were covered in full, in advance wherever possible.

This opportunity to attend was made possible through the Patient Voices Network (PVN) – we provided 20 full bursaries to patient partners who wished to attend the main two days of programming. PVN is a community of patients, families and caregivers working with health care partners to improve our health care system. If you are not currently a PVN Patient Partner but are interested in engagement opportunities supported by the Network, sign up here or contact your local engagement leader.

To learn more about the Network, sign up as a patient partner, or engage patients in your work, visit

Patients Included

We’re proud that Quality Forum 2018 was Patients Included. This means that we were committed to incorporating the experience of patients as experts in living with their condition while ensuring they were neither excluded nor exploited.

We encourage all health care conferences and events to achieve Patients Included status – including those that we sponsor and support. Visit the Patients Included website to learn more.