QF Recaps: A Patient’s Perspective

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My name is Chad Dickie and I’m a Patient Voices Member from Victoria. I’ve been a PVN partner since June 2017. This was my first Quality Forum and it was a wonderful experience. The first day was the pre-Forum JCC (Joint Collaborative Committees) Champions of Change. I was most impressed by the RainCity Housing and Vancouver… Read more »

QF Recaps: Dementia Care

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On my first trip to the Quality Forum, I was keen to get as much out of the experience as I possibly could. For the past few years I have worked in quality improvement with most of my focus being in the acute care setting, but before this much of my experience was in residential… Read more »

Watch the Debate!

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Quips, Quandaries, and Comebacks was an exciting battle of wits, as usual. Four debaters tackled the question, Do advances in technology and artificial intelligence put the art of medicine at risk? Watch to find out which side prevailed! Watch the debate!

QF18 on Facebook Live!

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Quality Forum 2018 sold out faster than any previous Forum, an exciting fact that also made us consider all the folks in our quality community unable to attend in person. We know that there are many people who can’t attend Quality Forum, despite their interest, so this year we’re trying to make even more of… Read more »

Care for a Coffee?

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You’ll have lots of opportunities to make connections and meet new people at over the Forum’s main two days, but sometimes it helps to have a friendly introduction to start things off! That’s why we’re bringing back last year’s innovation, the QF18 Randomized Coffee Trial! Randomized Coffee Trials (RCT) have been used in many organizations to… Read more »

Meet Your Plenary Speakers!

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This year, we’re bringing great speakers together from across the globe to share their insights on how to deliver quality care. Get to know them below: Tim Omer is an IT specialist who uses data and technology to manage his type 1 diabetes. Along with a group of “Health Hackers” who share their open-source technological… Read more »