Call for Abstracts

Our call for abstracts is closed! Thank you to everyone who submitted an abstract – we received more than ever before!

In case you would like to know more about our abstract process, we’ll leave its original information below.

Over 1,200 people will be at Quality Forum 2018! Your chance to tell them about your work on any topic related to providing better care for patients begins by submitting an abstract – a short description of your project or idea (2,000 characters including spaces or fewer, to be exact).

Step 1: Pre-Forum or Main Two Days?

Choose whether to submit a presentation abstract for a pre-Forum session and/or the Quality Forum’s main two days.

Pre-Forum Session: ‘Champions of Change’ (Feb. 21)
This year’s full-day pre-Forum session, hosted in partnership with the Joint Collaborative Committees (JCCs), is about championing change. Whatever your role – initiator, leader, problem-solver, manager or supporter of change – abstracts submitted for consideration should incorporate some aspect of change.

Quality Forum’s Main Two Days (Feb. 22 & 23)
The Forum’s main two days of programming will feature 63 rapid fire presentations and over 100 storyboards that will be chosen through the call for abstracts (as well as workshops, field trips, plenary presentations and more).

Step 2: Demonstrated Results or Novel Idea?

Let us know if your presentation will share something you have tried (we’ve called this category Demonstrated Results) or something you haven’t yet had the chance to put into action (and we’ve called this category Novel Ideas).

Demonstrated Results
Projects underway or complete with “how-to” tips and lessons that can be shared with participants. The project does not have to be considered a success – failures provide valuable learning opportunities too!

Novel Ideas
Original thinking, promising practices or emerging ways of “how to improve care” that are too young to have results. You can seek input, inspire collaboration, and motivate action at an early stage.

Step 3: Rapid Fire or Storyboard?

Choose to deliver an oral rapid fire presentation and/or display a poster storyboard.

Rapid fire presentation
You can use slides or other media during your oral presentation to help share your work and/or engage with participants.

At the Forum’s main two days of programming (February 22 & 23), your presentation can be up to 10 minutes long, followed by an 8 minute Q&A period.

For the Champions of Change pre-Forum session (February 21), share you work in a 10 to 15 minute presentation.

Display a 44″ by 44″ poster during the Forum. Network with other participants and receive feedback during the Storyboard Reception on February 22.

Step 4: Hit Submit!

Submit your abstract by September 8! Don’t forget to click these links for more information:


Contact us ( or 604.668.8224) if you have any questions about your submission.