Submission Guidelines

Our call for abstracts is closed! Thank you to everyone who submitted an abstract – we received more than ever before!

In case you would like to know more about our abstract process, we’ll leave its original information below.

Guidelines for Choosing Your Event

You are welcome to submit a presentation abstract for both the Champions of Change pre-Forum session and the Quality Forum’s main two days, or to choose one of the events.

Please note that if your abstract is accepted for the main Forum programming, you will be responsible for your travel and registration costs to attend the event.

The Joint Collaborative Committees will sponsor the registration fees, travel and sessional for any practicing physician within BC to attend the Champions of Change pre-Forum session, Health Talks and the Forum’s main two days. Physicians must attend Champions of Change in order to qualify and should contact for more information.

Guidelines for Choosing Your Project

You can submit abstracts on any topic related to improving quality of care for patients. Projects can have demonstrated results, that do not have to be considered successful, or novel ideas. Here is how they will be scored.

If you are submitting an abstract for the Champions of Change pre-Forum session specifically, you are encouraged to highlight work in quality improvement and/or team-based care, and to share your innovative ideas to address what really matters for patients, and families.

Guidelines for Presentation Styles

Abstracts will be considered for both rapid fire presentation and storyboard display, unless otherwise indicated.

Rapid Fire Presentations
Share your work and engage with participants using slides, video or other media during your oral presentation. This will be followed by Q&A time, during which you’re welcome to ask the audience questions for discussion as well!.

At the Forum’s main two days of programming (February 22 & 23), your presentation can be up to 10 minutes long, followed by an 8 minute Q&A period.

For the Champions of Change pre-Forum session (February 21), share you work in a 10 to 15 minute presentation.

Your presentation should meet the following objectives: showcase emerging ideas, or successes and challenges of initiatives, to improve the quality of care; and motivate participants to take action

Display a 44″ by 44″ poster throughout the Forum. A storyboard reception will be held on the evening of February 22, providing an opportunity to network and receive feedback on your work from other participants. The best storyboards, as decided by a judging panel, win prizes.

Guidelines for Submitting Abstracts

Complete the online submission form once for each abstract.

You can submit as many abstracts as you like, and don’t forget to view the abstract selection criteria first. Abstracts must be written in English, no more than 2,000 characters including spaces, and submitted by September 8, 2017.