Champions of Change (Hosted with the JCC)

February 21 | 0800 – 1700 | $125

This year’s pre-Forum full-day event, hosted in partnership with the Joint Collaborative Committees (JCCs), focuses on the impact of enthusiastic leadership and innovative solutions to health care improvements.

Through a series of presentations, posters and inspiring speakers, this interactive day will showcase work supported by the JCCs, as well as related strategies and leading practices for sustainable change. Physicians and other health care providers will have the opportunity to engage in lively dialogue around successful and emerging initiatives for patient care and collaborative approaches.

About the Joint Collaborative Committees 

The four committees – General Practice Services, Shared Care, Specialist Services, and the Joint Standing Committee for Rural Issues – represent a partnership of Doctors of BC and the BC government. The committees support a vast scope of diverse work, sponsoring physicians to engage with their colleagues and partners from all across the medical community. The JCCs collectively focus on improvement in patient care as a means to shift towards a collaborative culture of care.

Sponsored Attendance

The JCCs will sponsor the registration fees, travel and sessional for any practicing physician within BC who wishes to attend Forum events. Physicians who attend Champions of Change are also eligible to receive sponsorship to Health Talks and the Forum’s main two days of programming.

Please contact to receive your sponsorship code.

JCCs Partnership with BCPSQC

Over the past two years, the Joint Collaborative Committees (JCCs) have partnered with BCPSQC for two events: the JCC Showcase in 2016 and Simplifying the Journey in 2017. Both events highlighted the diverse and varied work of the collaborative committees, and other health care partners, while also sharing successes and challenges to inform future quality improvement initiatives.

We are pleased to be able to continue our partnership with BCPSQC’s Quality Forum in 2018, with our pre-Forum event ‘Champions of Change.’ We hope that physicians and other health care providers, whether actively engaged or interested in getting involved in quality improvement, will join other champions in developing solutions towards an improved health care system.