People-Powered Connections

Mealtime Match-Ups

Are you interested in being mentored at the Forum? A limited number of matches are available to provide unique networking opportunities for individuals to connect with leaders about an area they’d like to gain insight on. These will take place during meal times on Thursday and Friday to allow for informal interaction and discussion. To participate, tick the Mealtime Match-up box when you register for the Forum! Space is limited, so register quickly – availability is on a first-come, first-served basis!

Randomized Coffee Trials

You’ll have lots of opportunities to make connections and meet new people during the Forum’s main two days, but sometimes it helps to have a friendly introduction to start things off! Sign up for our Randomized Coffee Trials (RCTs) and we’ll pair you up with another Forum participant. RCTs have been used in many organizations to build relationships and provide opportunities to connect and collaborate, by pairing participants at random and asking them to schedule a 30-minute time slot to get together and talk about whatever they like.

If you are looking for a lunch buddy, a walking partner, or just to grab a quick coffee and get inspired by a fellow participant’s work – sign up for an RCT! All you have to do is tick the box when you register for the Forum!