Recharge Sessions

Need to recharge?

In order to make the most of your days at the Forum, it’s important to stay energized. Participating in breakouts and getting to know the great work and people you’re surrounded by will be invaluable! But if your energy reserves start to run low, you are encouraged to take the recharge breaks you need. This year we are delighted to be able to offer the following sessions aimed at keeping you rejuvenated in body and mind. Activewear is not required and options for those with limited mobility will be provided.

These sessions are open for registration and take place during breakout sessions on Thursday and Friday. Take a look at the program matrix to see how they may fit into your programming! Please note that these sessions are not eligible for CPD credit hours.


Stretch Break for Your Lifestyle

Thursday, February 22 during Breakout C

Treat your body to a revitalizing and easy-to-follow stretch session that will leave you feeling strong and relaxed. Learn techniques that can be done at your work station or in your home – no clothing change or special equipment required!

Indigenous Culture

Thursday, February 22 during Breakout D

You are invited to learn about Indigenous traditions and customs from a local elder.

Guided Meditation

Friday, February 23 during Breakout E

Curious about how meditation can fit into your lifestyle? This session will cover the basic principles and benefits of practicing mindfulness. Participants will be led through a guided meditation and leave feeling rejuvenated, with new skills to try at home.

Tai Chi

Friday, February 23 during Breakout F

Led by an experienced Tai Chi instructor, this hour will offer a brief introduction on the cultural context of Tai Chi and associated health benefits, followed by a guided practice of the movements found by many to increase wellness and counteract pressures of daily life.

Laughter Yoga

Friday, February 23 during Breakout G

Remember hearing about Laughter Yoga at Health Talks 2017? Come try it out for yourself, and experience the stress-relieving techniques that deepen creativity and build resilience first-hand.