Pre-Forum Day

This year, the Quality Forum featured two full-day sessions on Wednesday, February 21. They were rare occasions to bring together stakeholders who wanted to learn about a specific subject more deeply than would be possible in a one- or two-hour breakout session.

And, on the evening of February 21, we hosted Health Talks, where we celebrated great work taking place in our community and heard from eight speakers who told us their hopes for health care.

Full-Day Pre-Forum Sessions

Designing & Delivering Sustainable Improvement

How many times have we made improvements, only to have things drift back to the way they were before? Creating sustainable change is one of the biggest challenges for improvers, and changes that don’t stick can actually do more harm than good. This hands-on workshop explored the key drivers of sustainability and introduced some tools to plan for the sustainability of your next project. Learn more.

Champions of Change

Hosted in partnership with the Joint Collaborative Committees (JCCs), this day focused on the impact of enthusiastic leadership and innovative solutions to health care improvements. Through a series of presentations, posters, and inspiring speakers, physicians and other health care providers had the opportunity to engage in lively dialogue around successful and emerging initiatives for patient care and collaborative approaches. Learn more.

Health Talks

Whether audience members attended a pre-Forum session, arrived in Vancouver for the Forum, or needed an inspirational end to your work day, Health Talks was a perfect Wednesday evening activity. We began the night with a ceremony to recognize the winners of the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council’s annual Quality Awards. Then, eight speakers answered our question, What are your hopes for health care? using the PechaKucha 20×20 presentation format, where each presentation contained 20 photos and each photo was displayed for exactly 20 seconds. Learn more.