Re-Energizing Your Best Self: A Day of Giving Back to Community

FEBRUARY 26 | 0800 – 1600


Compassion is a foundation of health care provision. During this pre-Forum session, we re-energized our best selves through hands-on volunteer work in the Vancouver community, followed by a learning session and discussion.

Participants spent the morning volunteering with a local non-profit organization to run a program and see first-hand the impact it has on its recipients. Participants  had the opportunity to choose to volunteer with one of the following organizations:


YWCA Crabtree Corner

The YWCA Crabtree Corner helps marginalized women and families living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside by providing a range of programs and services under one roof. Their full list of programs and services can be found here.

During this volunteering engagement, participants had the opportunity to prepare and serve breakfast for Crabtree Corner child care, housing and program families or assist in sorting items that are donated to Crabtree Corner. The field trip group also toured the YWCA Crabtree Corner facility for a first-hand look at the great work they are doing.


Greater Vancouver Food Bank

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank strives to build strong, connected communities through the power of food, and employs the principles of sustainability, education and training, and quality nutrition to achieve this goal. Click here to learn more about their mission and impact!

In selecting this volunteer opportunity, participants helped their efforts by tending to the most urgent tasks at the time, which included: sorting and boxing food, checking for open packages and dents, checking “best before” and expiry dates, sorting and packing produce, sorting baby items and packing emergency bags. Check out their FAQ page to learn more!


The afternoon brought us back together for a presentation and group discussion. Attendees heard from Dwight Yochim, Executive Director of Community Volunteer Connections, who shared his expertise and experiences championing and supporting the non-profit sector. Attendees left the session with practical tips and ideas to take back to their care site!



Dwight Yochim

Executive Director | Community Volunteer Connections


By the end of the day, participants:
1. Were exposed to programs and services provided by local organizations through hands-on volunteering experience;
2. Could understand the value of volunteering to organizations, society and volunteers themselves;
3. Learned how the non-profit sector recruits, motivates and retains its volunteers; and
4. Explored strategies and best practices in volunteerism that can translate to and be applied in health care.