Recharge Sessions

Need to recharge?

In order for participants to make the most of their days at the Forum, we knew it was important for them to stay energized. Participating in breakouts and getting to know the great work and people they were surrounded by was invaluable! But when energy reserves started to run low, we encouraged participants to take recharge breaks as needed. This year we were delighted to be able to offer the following sessions aimed at keeping attendees rejuvenated in body and mind.

Body, Breath & Joy

What happens when you bring conscious awareness to your breath, your movement and your energy? How much more powerful can you become? How much more effective? And how much more connection can you experience with others and your environment? Access new levels of vitality, creativity and joy by becoming more deeply and deliciously embodied. Experience being more grounded, focused and present. This is a movement-based session that draws on a variety of
embodiment, breath and mindfulness practices.

Bettina Rothe | Somatic Leadership Coach & Movement Facilitator

Speed Networking

We invited attendees to save the small talk for LinkedIn and make authentic connections at our speed networking session! Participants could come prepared with elevator pitches and whatever else they needed to get the conversation flowing. Whether they wanted to meet a mentor, collaborate with others, or learn about new topics in health care, this speedy recharge session allowed them to build relationships in a matter of minutes.

Experiencing a Piece of Indigenous Culture

Participants were invited to learn about Indigenous traditions and customs from a local elder.

Taking a Mindful Stretch Break for Your Life

Attendees were invited to treat their minds, bodies and souls to an easy-to-follow stretch and meditation session that left them feeling energized, relaxed and alive. Participants learned simple stretch techniques adapted from yoga that can be done at work stations or at home.

Regina Kaiser | Founder, Veracis Meditation, Yoga & Wellness Centre