Create Your Personalized Program

Here’s our guide to helping you pick the pre-Forum events, workshops, field trips and breakout sessions that you’ll attend. We hope you have a hard time deciding!

Some sessions fill up more quickly than others. Register soon to make sure you can attend your first choices!

Step 1

First, choose whether or not to attend one of two pre-Forum sessions on Wednesday. They are optional add-ons to your standard Quality Forum registration, and they take place at the Forum’s venue.

Simplifying the Journey
This interactive session, led by the Joint Collaborative Committees, offers the opportunity to learn from each other and align efforts in building a truly integrated system of care. Learn more about the session.

Best of Both Worlds: Dimensions of Quality, Indigenous Perspectives
In advancing Indigenous health, how do we ensure that quality is embedded every step of the way? Learn more about the session.

Step 2

Next, choose whether or not to attend Health Talks, which takes place on Wednesday evening at the Forum’s venue.

Health Talks
Eight speakers will answer our question, What are your hopes for health care? using the PechaKucha 20×20 presentation format, where each presentation contains 20 photos and each photo is displayed for exactly 20 seconds. Learn more about Health Talks.

Step 3

Finally, pick the sessions that you’ll attend during the Quality Forum’s main two days of programming. The Forum features seven breakout time slots, each of which contains a mix of sessions, workshops, and field trips.

Fill out your program by choosing one option per breakout; you can find more information about each one beginning in our program.


These two-hour sessions are highly interactive and an opportunity to immerse yourself in specific, unique topics. They span two breakout sessions – for example, Workshop W1 takes place during Sessions A and B. Learn about our workshops.

Field Trips
The Quality Forum is an excellent opportunity to provide learning opportunities from other industries that are applicable to health care. Similar to the workshops, our field trips also span two breakout sessions – but they take place off-site. Space is limited! Learn about our field trips.

One-Hour Sessions
These sessions are structured around specific topics (you will see descriptions in this guide) and will include a mixture of presentation and interactive learning. Read descriptions of our one-hour sessions here.

Rapid Fire Presentations
Other hour-long sessions feature three rapid fire presentations that are sourced through a call for abstracts. The presentations are split into two categories: Sprouts and Seeds. You can also read their descriptions here.

Sprouts are projects that are underway or complete with results, “how-to” tips and lessons that can be shared with Forum participants. Look for their icon throughout the breakout sessions in our Registration Guide.

Seeds are ideas that have just been planted – promising practices or emerging ways of ‘how to improve care’ that are too young to have results. Look for their icon throughout the breakout sessions in our Registration Guide.

Quality Award Winners
Look for a Q icon beside five rapid fire presentations! They are winners of the 2017 Quality Awards – we think you should hear about their great work!


You can also consider these optional add-ons to round out your program:

Breakfast Meetings
Choose to start your day with one of four optional breakfast meetings.

Mealtime Match-Ups
Are you interested in being mentored at the Forum? A limited number of “matches” are available to provide unique networking opportunities for individuals to connect with and gain insight from leaders about their areas of expertise and interest. These will take place during meal times on Thursday and Friday to allow for informal interaction and discussion. Space is limited, so register quickly – availability is on a first-come-first-served basis!