Have Some Extra Fun

And meet new people along the way!

Step Challenge

Between the sessions, plenaries, and meals, we spend a lot of time sitting at the Quality Forum. If you want a little healthy motivation to get moving, take part in our step challenge! Participating is easy: just track your steps on Thursday, March 2 (from midnight to 11:59PM) using a pedometer, a smartphone app, or your FitBit. Grab a form from our registration desk on the morning of March 3 and tell us your total. The participant with the most steps takes home a prize!

Learn more about the step challenge.

Quality Quest 2017!

We introduced the attendees of last year’s Forum to GooseChase through our first-ever Quality Quest, and they had so much fun that we’re doing it again! GooseChase is a smartphone game that asks participants to create teams and accomplish photo-based challenges (like a scavenger hunt!).

The challenges will get you moving (there are landmarks to photograph) and chatting with your fellow participants, in person and online! If you’re looking for a fun way to meet people, stretch your legs, and potentially win a cool prize, rally a team together for Quality Quest!

Learn more about Quality Quest 2017.